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About Us

The Schindler Family

We live in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon. Our family of 6 is busy with many activities. When our dogs are not in the field, they are at work with Kevin, at home with Peggy, or out exploring and adventuring with us as a family.


We often hunt ducks on family farmland. We also upland hunt chukar in Eastern Oregon near Junterra and the Deschutes River. We have hunted pheasant in the Columbia Basin and have done a youth hunt at the E.E. Wilson Wildlife refuge.

Why do we raise puppies? It is an experience like no other - in the best, most rewarding way. Kevin grew up raising Golden Retrievers and Peggy grew up raising Labrador Retrievers. We started out raising goldens together and bring years of experience but also just truly enjoy the process. Meeting and connecting with families who are going to be bringing home puppies is very enjoyable to us. Raising sweet puppies is sheer fun. From the excitement of the moment they are born, to the day they open their eyes and begin taking their first wobbly steps, to their emerging personalities...we look forward to all of these wonderful things and more. And sharing it all with our children is the icing on the cake. 

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